Orthodontists are specialist dentists trained in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of teeth, jaw and facial irregularities. They specialise in providing a wide range of treatment solutions for straightening crooked teeth, correcting bad bites and aligning the jaws.

After completing a 5 years degree in general dentistry, an orthodontist is required to practice as a general dentist for a minimum of 2 years before studying a further 3 years (5,000 hours) of post-graduate specialist training in the field of orthodontics. So whether you or your child is considering braces or Invisalign, you can take comfort in being treated by a specialist orthodontist to get the best results.

Orthodontics is a specialist field of dentistry which focuses on the alignment of your teeth and jaw and improving their function. This can include straightening teeth, correcting misaligned bites and facial asymmetry. Orthodontic treatments involves the use of orthodontic appliances such as braces, Invisalign, expanders etc.

Early intervention refers to orthodontic treatment before braces when a child is typically 8-10 years old. This is the ideal age for an orthodontist to identify abnormalities early in your child’s life when their teeth and jaws are easier to manipulate, before more serious problems start to develop. Appropriate early intervention usually means later orthodontic treatment will be more straightforward and completed in a shorter timeframe.

If you’re thinking of getting orthodontic treatment, then it should ideally be performed by a registered specialist orthodontist. Orthodontists are specifically trained for this and have the skills and expertise to properly diagnose, assess and treat the movements and health of your teeth.

No, you don’t need a referral from your general dentist. You can book an appointment with an orthodontist any time.

If you have problems with your bite or have misaligned teeth, then orthodontic treatment could benefit you. While orthodontists are mainly known for straightening teeth, we also correct misaligned and sometimes painful bites, tooth movement caused by bad habits such as thumb sucking, and even some forms of sleep apnoea. If you’re wondering what an orthodontist can do for your smile, you can make an appointment to have an assessment with us – no dentist referral necessary.

Although there isn’t a fixed age to have orthodontic treatment as everyone is different and grows at different rate. Seeing an orthodontists early can determine the best time to treat specific orthodontic problems, whether it be as a child, teenager or adult. Orthodontists are the most qualified and experienced dental specialists regarding teeth and jaw misalignment. They can guide you on the best treatment options including planning, waiting or ruling out the need for treatment.

The Australian Society of Orthodontists recommends children have an orthodontic assessment at the age of around 7-8. This is a good age to start monitoring as most children will have a mix of adult and baby teeth. This helps the orthodontist to determine if there are any problems developing such as misalignment of the jaws, teeth crowding, or bad bites. Orthodontists have the specialist training to know when it is appropriate to treat, wait or when no treatment is required.

Definitely not! With the advancement in technology and increasing awareness of the health and benefits of straighter and correctly aligned teeth, Orthodontics is no longer just for children and teens. Recent years have seen a significant increase in the number of adults wanting orthodontic treatment for themselves.

Orthodontic treatment is definitely suitable for all ages. If you didn’t have access to treatment when you were younger or your teeth started shifting later in life, there is no age limit for getting straighter teeth! However, getting treated as an adult could be more complicated due to fillings, crowns, missing teeth or other dental issues. So all the more reason to make sure your specialist orthodontist fully assess your oral health and flag any concerns with you.

This is a very common question we get asked all the time! Treatment methods and technology has come a long way since the middle ages! Modern orthodontic appliances are neatly fitted to your teeth with minimal discomfort. However, expect some level of discomfort or minor soreness during the first week while you get adjusted. However, soon you’ll be used to your appliances that you may even forget it’s there.

Treatment time can vary depending on many factors and is specific to each individual patient. Some patients only require minor work so it could only take 6 months. However, majority of patients can expect a treatment time of between 12 months to 24 months. If you want to know the actual treatment length for your case then it’s best to book a consultation with us.

Treatment costs will vary depending on the treatment plan given the complexity and severity of the issue. We understand orthodontic treatment is a considered investment with life-time impacts so we’re here to make it as affordable and achievable. We offer flexible deposit arrangements and payment plans spread over the length of your treatment as well as finance options.

Of course. Dr Jessica Li is very experienced in providing Invisalign treatments.

Your initial consultation will take around 45 minutes and will be with a specialist orthodontist. Upon arrival, you will be taken into a private consultation room where photo records of your teeth and face will be taken. This is followed by X-rays of your teeth if you don’t already have them. Then our lovely orthodontist will sit down with you to address any concerns you may have before a comprehensive assessment of your teeth, gums, face and bite. Then the orthodontist will walk you through the findings and determine the best treatment option suitable for you.

Yes we do. We find some of our patients wanting to straighten their teeth in a shorter time period to be ready for their big wedding day, birthday or other special occasions. Although typically the results won’t be as perfect if patients underwent a full comprehensive treatment, we can offer a fast 6-12 months option that’ll still see a significant improvement. Feel free to speak with us to see if this option is suitable for you.

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