Orthodontist Pymble

Orthodontist Pymble

Choose the best for your children and your family with Orthodontist Pymble

We are a humble community who are dedicated to our patients. Our team has tirelessly provided our patients with the finest treatment options with the latest technology. With the support of our community, we have been successful in providing the best dental experience through customized care and the best treatment experience.

We have been working with our patients for decades at our clinic and have become well-known all over the country. We pride in our world-class services that are inclusive of people of all ages and families. We wish to provide your family with a full range of services to empower you and make you the most confident self.

Our services

Our list of services includes the most required procedures using top-class technology. They are as follows.

    1. Braces
    2. Invisalign
    3. Jaw surgery
    4. Children’s dentistry

Orthodontist Pymble Creates Perfect Smiles

We welcome old and new patients with the same warmth and professionalism. If you are a new patient and wish to take the first step towards grasping the best possible smile, then you need to get an appointment with us.

We are very thorough with our new and old patients alike. We will first take some x-rays if you don’t have one to detect the problematic areas in your jaw and teeth. After you meet our orthodontist, they will patiently listen to your concerns and then provide you with a plausible treatment plan.

They will also examine other factors such as your bite, facial structure, jaw relationships, etc and discuss the treatment options that will work wonder for you but will also fit within your budget. They will guide you regarding the most appropriate path and it is up to you to decide whether you want to proceed with it or not.


At Orthodontist Pymble, we make sure that you understand the process so that there is no misunderstanding. We want to develop the trust of our patients and build a long lasting relationship with them so that we can bring a positive change to them. If you bring in your child with you, the doctor might want to wait for the optimal growth period before working on them. Our orthodontists have years of experience and are fantastic people. They can make your inhibitions go away with a few words.

Call us now or book an appointment now if you want to discuss your dental concerns with our expert orthodontists.

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