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We are proud to serve the local community with proven solutions and the latest technology. Our mission is to create beautiful smiles by providing the best patient experience through personalised care and treatment excellence.


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We are your go-to experts for orthodontic TREATMENTS for families of all ages

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Our North Shore orthodontics practice provides a full range of specialised orthodontic treatment services. We will straighten, align, and perfect your pearly whites. The result? The most confident, happy and empowered version of you or your child.

Find out how you can achieve a beautiful, healthy and confident smile too through braces, Invisalign, or other orthodontic treatment options.

Our Experience and Promise

Marvel Orthodontics provides exceptional patient experience and superior results for all our patients in our state-of-the-art clinic. Whether your smile treatment is simple or complex, we will tailor an orthodontic treatment plan to suit your needs.

We understand that for many people, teeth can affect one’s self-confidence and be a source of self-consciousness. That’s why we’re here to empower you with a tailored orthodontic treatment. We invite you to stop by our practice for a friendly consult, where you chat with our experts for your orthodontic needs.

Treatment Options

Orthodontic treatment looks different for everyone. Some people need traditional metal braces, while others make strong candidates for Invisalign. When you come to our practice in Gordon, our specialist orthodontist will discuss different treatment options with you, and tailor the best orthodontic treatment plan based on your needs.

Our specialist orthodontists have extensive experience in both dentistry and orthodontics. We will find the treatment that best suits your lifestyle.

Some treatment types include:

Are you looking for a specialist orthodontist in Gordon or near the North Shore area in Sydney?

Contact us for more info about the best orthodontic treatment option for you.

Benefits of Orthodontics

Healthy and beautiful smiles go hand-in-hand. crooked or misaligned teeth and jaw relationships can be harmful in more than one aspect. They can have long term consequences in terms of function and aesthetics. It can impact your jaw and result in you being more susceptible to pain, disease, and other health issues.

Many orthodontic treatments are best and in many cases can only be carried out when a child is still growing. So it is best to seek an expert’s opinion when they are still young to avoid missing the best window of treatment time. Come in for an assessment and let our expert orthodontists give you tailored advice on suitable treatment options such as braces, aligners, invisalign, expanders, and other orthodontic appliances. Sometimes, surgery is necessary to bring the teeth and jaw into proper alignment.

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Who and Where Marvel Orthodontics Serve

We are the smile specialists. Our specialist orthodontist underwent an extra 3 years of training in addition to the normal 5 years of general dental training, in order to give you the best care and expertise in the field. We specialise in straightening teeth, beautifying smiles and correcting jaw relationships. We don’t just focus on teeth alignment, but assess your entire face as a whole. We provide the best treatment plan for you in terms of aesthetics and functionality. We truly believe transforming smiles can lead to a transformational life.

Our orthodontics office is in Gordon, in the Upper North Shore region of Sydney. We’re also proud to serve the local communities in the surrounding area. We welcome all from Pymble, Lindfield, Killara, Chatswood, St Ives, Macquarie Park, Lane Cove, and beyond.

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