Invisalign With Fitted Dental Implants

Invisalign With Fitted Dental Implants
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Invisalign is becoming the increasingly popular choice compared to traditional braces, and a key reason for this is because the aligners are
invisible and transparent when worn around your teeth. This means you can show off your smile wearing the aligners whilst it corrects the dental
problems you’re experiencing at the same time, such as crowded teeth, overbite and misalignment.

The orthodontic experience may be different for those patients who’ve had restorative treatments, such as dental implants. One of the questions we hear is whether a patient with a fitted implant can also use Invisalign to straighten their smile.

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So, Can You Wear Invisalign With Fitted Dental Implants?

In short, the answer is yes, Invisalign with fitted dental implants is possible, although every case is different.

Usually, the dentist will recommend you to consider Invisalign treatment before the implant placement if teeth straightening is required. This way, the implant can be placed after your teeth are in their final straightened position.

However, sometimes you may already have an existing implant and want to consider orthodontic treatment. It is still possible to straighten your natural
teeth around the implant, though the implant will not change its position since it is fixated on the bone. This process is slightly more complex than
doing the orthodontic treatment before implant placement.

Lady wearing Invisalign aligners

Thus, wherever possible, we recommend straightening your teeth prior to implant placement. It is a good idea to seek advice from an
experienced orthodontist prior to starting treatment so that your dentist and your orthodontist can work together to plan for the best outcome.

Misaligned teeth can cause oral health complications such as tooth discolouration, which you can read about here.

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