How To Reduce Invisalign Sensitivity

How To Reduce Invisalign Sensitivity
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Invisalign is one of the more favourable choices of treatment to straighten teeth, and there are many benefits to this. This includes the aligners being transparent and invisible, meaning you can wear them throughout the day without them being noticed in your smile. Also, they’re comfortable and trendy to wear, something that may especially appeal to teenagers wearing Invisalign instead of traditional braces.

Although, Invisalign patients have also raised questions regards to Invisalign sensitivity. Discomfort in the mouth when wearing Invisalign is common, but it isn’t as severe as you may think. Invisalign sensitivity is possible, but it is easily manageable and any sensitivity is expected to be minor, especially if you’ve only recently had clear aligners fitted.

Types Of Invisalign Sensitivity

If you’ve recently had clear aligners fitted, or you’re seeking treatment in the near future, the below will help you prepare for wearing Invisalign and understand where sensitivity may occur in the mouth.

Gum Irritation

The edges of your aligners when fitted can rub against the gums. This can cause minor irritation. The aligners are designed to be less irritative in comparison to traditional braces. If you experience severe sensitivity of the gums, or you feel the aligners are damaging your gums, consult the dentist as soon as you can.

Pressure Soreness

Once your aligners are placed in the mouth, you will need to become accustomed to the aligners pushing down on your teeth. This is the process of making your teeth straight. It may feel sore initially, but this should subside after two to three days, before disappearing permanently.

Aligners Settling In The Mouth

The first few days of wearing Invisalign may introduce some discomfort whilst the aligners settle in the mouth. This may happen if you take them out as well. The sensitivity should be minor but will disappear once the aligners have settled.

How You Can Reduce Invisalign Sensitivity

If sensitivity continues, there are home remedies for you to try.

  • Keep the aligners placed in the mouth whilst feeling sensitivity so the aligners can settle quicker. This includes during sleep.
  • Avoid eating crunchy solid foods and start to eat softer foods such as boiled vegetables and potato
  • Consider over-the-counter pain medication, but only in circumstances where sensitivity is severe.
  • Regularly consult your dentist for advice
  • Request the dentist to smooth any rough edges to your aligners

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As mentioned, sensitivity should be minor for new Invisalign patients and should last for a few days until it settles. If you’re seeking support with your clear aligners, why not consult our experienced orthodontal team at Marvel today? Simply click here to get started!

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