How Should I Care For My Aligners?

How Should I Care For My Aligners?
Invisalign aligners
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You’ve recently had Invisalign aligners fitted, but you are not sure how to look after your aligners? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Invisalign aligners provide many benefits to your smile, however, if you don’t care for your aligners properly, your oral health may be negatively impacted, including increased caries risk, bad breath and discolouration of your teeth.

Of course, these can be avoided if you look after your aligners properly as per your orthodontist’s recommendations.

So, how should you care for your aligners?

Invisalign aligners

Cleaning your aligners

Aligners can accumulate bacteria while they are in your mouth. When you remove the aligners from your mouth, the bacteria will still remain on the aligners. In order to remove those bacteria, your aligners should be cleaned every day with a soft toothbrush and cold running water, morning and night, especially before going to bed. You can use liquid hand soap if you want to freshen your aligners up a bit more.

Avoid using toothpaste to clean your aligners

Using toothpaste to clean your aligners can damage them because toothpaste is abrasive to plastic. This means that using toothpaste can scratch the surface of the aligners, making them cloudy and less clear. The tiny scratches can also cause the aligners to accumulate more bacteria.

After eating, brush your teeth before putting aligners back in

It is important to remove your aligners when eating, and drinking anything other than cold water. Before the aligners are placed back inside the mouth, it is vital that there is no food debris remaining on the teeth, as they can cause teeth decay when being trapped under the aligners.  Brushing teeth after meals, before the aligners are placed back in, will ensure that there is no food being trapped between the teeth and aligners. When it is not possible to brush your teeth, make sure you rinse your mouth with water to remove any big pieces of debris, and brush immediately when you have the access.


When you take your aligners out, make sure they are being stored porperly in their case. Keep a case with you at all times. Please do not put your aligners in a tissue or pocket as they may be thrown out or get damaged.

A clear aligner

You want to make sure that your Invisalign aligners can be well looked after for longer results. Following these tips will help you to do so. Visiting the orthodontist and asking these questions will also be a good step to take to get the best advice. Ensure that you look after your aligners not just when you’re wearing them, but when you take them off as well.

Why not get in touch with our experienced team at Marvel Orthodontics who will gladly assist you on how to care for your aligners to transform your smile? Alternatively, you’re seeking a solution to straighten your teeth with either traditional braces or clear aligners. Well, contact us here and get in touch with us now so we can help you.

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