Best Chinese Orthodontist

Best Chinese Orthodontist

Get Shining teeth from the Best Chinese Orthodontist

Though orthodontics is the branch of dentistry where dentists use braces to straighten crooked teeth, our clinic serves much more purpose than that. We have been practising the art and science of dental and facial aspects of people of various ages to excel in our jobs. Since we have the Best female orthodontist leading us, we can guide any patient who wants our help with dental problems.

Whether it be a clean-up or a surgery for changes in the jaw structure, we are prepared with the finest pieces of dental equipment to help our patients.

Jaw Surgery with the Best female orthodontist

Jaw surgeries are not the only option since braces can tackle most of the jaw problems. But in case of critical bite problems such as cross bite, under bite and over bite, the dentist will recommend a jaw surgery.

You might need orthodontic services if you have one of the following underlying problems.

Crowding of teeth: It is a condition of misalignment of teeth due to smaller dental ach. Cleaning such teeth is always a problem and gum diseases are common.

Over bite of teeth: It is the condition where the patient has protruding teeth due to protrusion of the upper teeth beyond contact with the lower teeth. If the upper jaw grows at a faster rate than the lower jaw, this condition may occur. People with such problem are prone to injuries.

Open bite: It is the condition of malalignment where the upper and lower incisors don’t touch each other when trying to bite down. Hence, chewing becomes difficult and teeth erosion can occur.

Under bite or protruding lower jaw: This type of malalignment occurs rarely but if the lower jaw is longer than the upper jaw, it causes much problem. It is a special case and requires constant monitoring and surgery.

Cross bite: If the upper front teeth come on the back of the lower front teeth when closed, it is called cross bite. These patients have speech problems.

Teeth spacing: If your teeth have excessive gaps between then, then you might have teeth spacing.


In such special cases with extreme jaw discrepancies due to jaw sizes, and other problems, the surgery can help to get a normal jaw structure that will change the way your face looks, making it more symmetrical. These surgeries show dramatic changes in our patients and they can become the most confident person.

Call the Best Chinese orthodontist if you have any of the above problems and get the desired smile now.

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